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So, I have this song allegedly performed in Haitian Creole. What are they singing? Can you divine a title?

I've written the station responsible (WTJC), and they don't actually know what it's called. The recording dates too far back for their records. Anyone?
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This guy thinks it's sung in an African dialect. But it really does sound like haitian creole.

While I don't understand creole, I do speak french, and I understand a few words from the song. I think there's something about "l'éternel qui monte chez nous" ("god comes to our house"), "la guerre" ("war") and "la mer rouge" ("the red sea").

But... I could be wrong. Good luck !
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Response by poster: That guy is me. Heh. That's the original post on my blog from a few years ago. I finally asked the station and they said Creole, but they had no more info.
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Ha ! That's funny. I should have guessed from your username.

You have some seriously awesome stuff up there. You've gained one more listener !
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Best answer: Says my Haitian-American flatmate: "It's in Creole. It's real fuzzy though. Talking about god in their lives...raising their hands to god despite war and suffering."
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