Canada Day in NYC
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Where are the best Canada Day celebrations (Friday, 7/1) in New York City (the first four boroughs are best)?

We're hosting an Edmonton import this week and next over this momentous Canadian holiday, and would like to round up the best gatherings of fellow Canadians - or just those who like to party. He's willing to travel and will eat and drink almost anything! Tell us more!

He is willing to travel, but Staten Island might be difficult, as he is (and we are) carless.
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Mama's down in the East Village has a Canada Day party every year. There will likely be poutine, cheap canadian beers, and a really long line.
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Here's what Pat Kiernan, NY's fav Canadian, did last year. Maybe check his twitter?
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Pat Kiernan updated his list for 2011.
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We wound up going to the 8th Annual Canada Day show at Joe's Pub, which featured singers and musicians covering hits by Canadian stars - as well as Pat Kiernan leading the crowd in the singing of "O, Canada"! Excellent show, lots of Canadianity, great venue... though it's actually shut down now (July 1 was the final night) for a complete overhaul. Set to re-open in October.
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