Psych Titles to Prepare for September
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After a few years out of school, Jr. miss thinkpiece is entering master's program in psychology in September with an eye towards a PsyD. She's looking for a summer reading list to help her ramp up and get into the flow. All suggestions welcomed, but please, no doom'n'gloom about the academic path. Thanks all!
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skinner's Beyond Freedom and Dignity
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Unformulated Experience
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I'm currently enjoying *The Making of a Therapist," by Louis Cozolino, and *The Gift of Therapy,* by Irwin Yalom. If she's looking for something a bit more technical, yet still practice-oriented, I'd also recommend Edward Teyber's *Interpersonal Process in Therapy.*
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Seconding emailing the adviser. Even if she doesn't have an adviser, she can email the general department address, explain what she wants, and ask who she should contact.
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Response by poster: Thank you, great start.
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I'm not in the field, but very interested in psychology, and I really enjoyed A General Theory of Love. I have therapist friends who studied it in school, as well. It's not really about romantic love, despite the title. It's about how we evolved to have emotions and how they work in the brain, and goes on to talk about the many emotional connections people have, parent to child, romantic connections, therapist and client, etc.
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