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Trying to find some 1950's era Carlsberg(the brewery) poster art. Can anyone help me find info about a specific print? Or a place to purchase a print?

My wife and I are looking to decorate our basement/bar area. I'm trying to track down a poster-sized print of this. I've been able to download smallish versions, but nothing even remotely poster sized. Hopefully some nice poster-art nerd will take pity on me and help me out! I'm not looking for an original, but I'm not opposed to one either.

I'm also interested in finding other beer-related prints(especially Belgian) with a similar aesthetic, so if you know of anything like that, I'd welcome that information, too. I have found all the normal stuff from the usual big poster sites.
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Rodney's Bookstore in Cambridge, MA has posters like what you're describing, but I can't tell where you are, so I don't know if that helps. Here is their posters page. It is far from complete, and there aren't any alcohol-related posters on that page, but they have a bunch in the store, and as you can see from the bottom of that page they stock ones with the kind of theme you're looking for. I bought one featuring port wine a while back. I'd be happy to duck in there the next time I'm going past and see if they have the Carlsberg print or any Belgian beer prints, either there or to order.
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Response by poster: I did find a similar store/site( in Chicago, where I'm located. I sent them an email, so we'll see what happens. AdeadQuaker, if you don't mind checking that out, that would be fantastic. I would expect my local store to have similar resources, but it's always better to get more brains on a problem.
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So I stopped in at Rodney's just now, and the beer posters their generic catalog had were pretty much all themed around French beers. The guy at the counter said they had a larger selection and I should check back when their poster guy was in, so I'll do that. It only takes a few minutes to stop there, and I'm glad I can help.
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Response by poster: Great! That's very kind of you. As it happens, I was wandering around the Carlsberg corporate site and found a email address for their archivist. She very kindly send me a hi-res image of the poster, so I just have to get it printed. We have other walls, so I'm still interested in other old beer posters/signs. Definitely let me know what you find out!
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I'm glad you met with success, because I got to look at all their beer prints today and didn't see the Carlsberg one or anything specific to Belgium. The guy said they have ~6,000 prints and have cataloged about 2,000 of them, so there might be more, but pretty much everything looked similar to the ones you can see on their site. Oh well.
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Response by poster: Fair enough. Thank you very much for going out of your way like that. It was damned decent of you. :)
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