What are good thank you gifts for my foreign hosts?
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I recently went to a wedding in Israel with a group of friends. The groom's in-laws let us borrow their car for a week and a friend of the bride acted as tour guide for several days. I'd like to get them each a nice gift in the $100 range, preferably something uniquely American. The inlaws are a 50-ish, fairly cosmopolitan married couple and the bride's friend is a single 30-ish woman. Any suggestions?
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Something from Nambe (New Mexico)
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Do they like to cook? Can you put together a basket or container of unique American foods? I'm thinking wild rice, for example...
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Food probably isn't a good one. Import restrictions on agricultural products and all...
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NTSC DVD players?

But seriously, how about ipod shuffles?
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A really nice photo of the happy couple in a beautiful frame? A book on American life, politics, or culture - a coffee table book, perhaps? A series of CDs - This American Life episodes, music they'd enjoy, or an audio book? A small digital camera for the married couple, good headphones, or a really nice silk scarf are also appreciated. These Barefoot Dream blankets are ridiculously soft and comfy - they make robes as well. A little over your budget, and may be expensive to ship. Martini glasses and shaker? Fancy fountain or ballpoint pen set? One of the travel envelope/passport holders from Levenger, engraved with their initials? (that link has lots of pens, wallets, etc.) Some other travel thing at Flight 001? Something from SF MOMA, or another museum site (look online: the Met, NYC MoMA, Tate Modern, etc. all have great stuff).
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