Recommendations for things to do on/near the Keweenaw Peninsula, (Houghton/Hancock/Copper Harbor), MI?
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Recommendations for things to do on/near the Keweenaw Peninsula, (Houghton/Hancock/Copper Harbor), MI?

I am going to be in the Keweenaw Peninsula (Michigan's Upper Peninsula) for the 4th of July weekend and am looking for recommendations for things to do. I will be staying in Houghton but plan on visiting Calumet and Copper Harbor.

-What are the recommended hikes nearby? I would consider going to the Porcupine Mountains but would like recommendations in the Keweenaw.

-Are any of the state/county parks particularly worth visiting?

-Any other must see places or things (I plan on going to the Quincy Mine/Keweenaw National Historical Park)?

-Any unique recreational activites? How is the kayaking in Copper Harbor? Any good bike tours?

-Any recommended mine tours nearby? It was unclear if the Tilden mine tour was still running.
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On the 4th do a circle tour of the Keweenaw. Load up a cooler of beer and pasties before you leave Houghton (the best pasties come from Roy's up on the hill near walmart). Head north across the lift bridge and out towards lake linden and follow the signs for gay - they have an awesome yooper-as-fuck 4th of July event with a terrible parade and a fish toss. Park as far away from the fish toss as possible.

After that head around 41. Stop at every beach that looks nice. Pick up some monk snacks from the kind folks at poorrock. It's along the way. Do dinner at Michigan House in calumet or Fitzgerald's in Eagle River.

Catch the fireworks from the top of brockway. Sit up in one of the trees if you can.

If you end up at Michigan House get there early in the evening before their espresso stout brew is gone. When you are in Houghton drink heavily at the keweenaw brewing company, pints are 2.50 and their hefeweizen is in season now and amazing. Get breakfast at Suomi the next day. Or if you are adventurous and want to eat like a townie get breakfast at vickies around the corner.

I'm not sure who still offers mine tours but I think Quincy does, it's not too exciting but if you haven't been in a mine before it's worth it. Bring a jacket. I think the better bet is to hit up the geocaches around the mine. If you are in to that sort of thing there are old abandoned buildings everywhere in that area. The dredge outside of Lake Linden is worth driving by. Factory Town in Houghton is beautiful at night. If you can make it out to Freda there are a lot of cool ruins there, and red ridge dam is along the way. If it's nice out covered road is a relaxing drive, off of canal road going west out of Houghton. If you end up driving that way might as well take it all the way out and see the breakers where the portage meets superior. If you have left over fireworks you can shoot them off there and no one will give you trouble.

I didn't do too much kayaking or hiking in the state parks up there, but I hear lake of the clouds is pretty cool near the porkies.
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There are extensive hiking trails at the Porcupine Mountains. Lake of the Clouds is only the best known attraction there.

Lac La Belle and Bete Grise are quiet areas on the east side of the Keweenaw.

Copper Harbor, either at Lake Fanny Hooe or on the harbor itself, which is protected from Lake Superior, is excellent for flatwater kayaking.

Near Fanny Hooe are the Estivant Pines, a rare stand of surviving white pine.
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