Help me find cool videos/trailers to work out to
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I'm looking for cool, inspiring/motivating, or just rocking short videos or trailers I can watch while I work out.

Most people I know like to rock out with their ipod when they work out. I do that too sometimes. But as I have a computer set up in front of my treadmill, I've been watching some action packed video game trailers and other cool short videos to entertain and motivate me (mostly due to the upbeat music) while I'm sweating away.

Currently my playlists include a few cool trailers from just released or soon to be released video games:

As well as like the "Where the Hell is Matt" music videos and some recent videos like the nerdy video/song "Roll a D6". (All can be found on Youtube I'm sure).

So now you know my taste. I've come upon all these randomly (meaning I didn't search them out, I got the links from sites I follow) and haven't had any luck finding others on youtube. I figured taking recommendations from people once I gave them an idea of what I'm looking for would be best.

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The Halo series is always a good source for trailers, particularly the live-action spots "Landfall" and "ODST."
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Saints Row 3 extended trailer

Vanquish trailer

hell any trailer or cutscene or gameplay video from a Shinji Mikami game should do you:


Devil May Cry 3

God Hand

on a related note, maybe fighting game videos?

Marvel vs Capcom 3

and finally:

Space Marine
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i love this music video so much that sometimes, when i am alone at work in the early morning, i put it on and turn up the volume really loud and just watch it in awe. and then when it's over, i feel motivated and awesome and maybe a little fidgety. give it until at least the 1 minute mark.

magic fountain by Art vs. Science
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gursky used Horrible Australian Electro Pop

LiB countered with Pixel Art Australian Indie Pop
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youtube video of women's 600 meter running championship, Heather Dorniden falls, get's back up, and still wins.

This video + soundtrack has always been highly motivating for me.
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