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Are there bags comparable to the Patagonia MLC burrito that I should consider?

I'm a minimalist with an aversion to accumulating things or traveling with a ton of stuff. I find it liberating to travel with just a single, compact bag and hate things with wheels on them.

Before I settle on the Patagonia MLC, are there similar bags that you can recommend? Perhaps something better constructed?

I can spent up to $300 (possibly more).
I hope to use it forever.
I travel anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months and I always carry about the same amount of stuff.
The bag should be carry on sized (I never check luggage even for international travel).

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Do you need to have the hanger bar and hook system? Seems like it would be bulky unless you absolutely need it.
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I don't need a hangar bar or a hook (although it doesn't seem like the hook would take up all that much space). The tri-fold when combined with a couple of compression bags can fit everything I need on a trip.
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I don't own the aeronaut, but I do have a Tom Bihn messenger bag and think its the greatest. If I were in the market for this type of bag and had upwards of $300 to spend this is what I would buy.

If you are planning to carry it over-the-shoulder, I recommend getting the absolute shoulder strap. I have it for my messenger bag and it makes the load much lighter. My only complaint is that it isn't very breathable so I get a huge sweat mark from the strap.
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I really like my Eagle Creek Overland, which I mentioned previously here.
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I have a Golite travel convertible and it rocks. Other choices include the ebags weekender, the mec executive overnight, and the osprey 46 porter. As well as the air boss or sky train and the tom bihn aeronaut, tri-star or western flyer. Your source for reviews isone bag one world.
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Another vote here for the combination of Aeronaut and an Eagle Creek Garment Sleeve. That's so far my best combination for "two-night business travel with a suit"
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