Transatlantic AVI to DVD
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I have an AVI file and a Canadian laptop. I need to play the content of this file on a standard British DVD player. How do I do this?

I'm pretty good at following instructions...when spoken to me slowly. Thanks!
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I have used Avi2Dvd for stuff like that.
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Despite the wonderfulness of ask. your best source of information will be They have a lot of guides specific to your query


A few things to be aware of though - the quality of the DVD player is usually a factor. The cheaper the DVD the more likely it is to play.... Also, depending on the recipients TV it isn't always necessary to convert to PAL.

If you want (and have the time/resources) send me a message and I can convert and mail it for you (I'm in Belfast)
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I use ConvertXtoDVD.

Firstly, make sure you have the correct codecs installed. Can you view the file in Windows Media Player? If you can, go on to the next step.

Open your .avi in CXTD, and convert it. You can fiddle with the settings if you want to, but the defaults work just fine. CXTD will burn the file to disk for you. The resulting disk should be region free. Make sure that the settings are set to PAL, not NTSC.

Regarding the media, go with the best you can afford. You'll burn fewer coasters.
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Response by poster: (Also, because this seems to matter for ConvertXtoDVD, I'm on a Mac.)
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