Best way to record a phone call?
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What's the current state-of-the-art for recording a telephone conversation?

Been a while since this was asked, and I'm about to be in a position where I need to easily record a phone conversation at the maximum possible quality. Tried Skype in the past, wasn't happy with either the quality or the uptime.

Are there any devices on the market today that do a really great job recording a phone call? Ideally it would record digitally rather than tape. And ideally, it would be portable (i.e. not a soundcard-based solution but something USB-ish that I could carry around with me).

Alternately, a web-based service might be okay if the quality is there. I've used in the past, and it's good, but the levels can be wonky (one speaker way louder than the others, for instance) and there's no control over levels. So that's out. And I think it's the case the Google Voice only lets you record incoming calls (and there are quality issues there, too).
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I've never used one so I can't vouch for the quality or convenience, but I hear that some people take something like this and plug it into something like this.
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