Visa to Netherlands.
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Is it possible for a Filipino citizen currently backpacking in Malaysia to get a tourist visa for the Netherlands?

That means I am planning to apply in Kuala Lumpur while I am here. And if it is possible, how many days before I can get decision from the Dutch embassy?
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hmmm. It says the average processing time is 2 weeks *if* you need a visa. Malaysians do not need one for a 90-day tourist visit. Are you sure you do?
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Reading further... ah. Confirmed hotel reservations for the whole travel period, 3 months of bank statements, and mandatory travel insurance as well... Might be easier if you are a student.
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Response by poster: Say, what if I am staying at a friend's house? Will I still need hotel reservations? I plan to be there for just two weeks anyway.

And to answer first comment, yes we (Filipinos) do need tourist visa for the Netherlands.
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I'm just reading the embassy website, no direct experience with the Dutch embassy, but it is obviously geared to preventing people coming over to work. Do you have any proof you have that you will return home, not just a plane ticket but a letter from school/work?

I know people who have gone directly to apply for a visa (ie not by mail) and have talked their way around various requirements but it was not for a European country. I've also known people who have had a helpful friend cobble up a letter of employment and had it faxed over. But I'm not suggesting that, no siree.
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I don't think it's going to be a problem as long as you have a return ticket, employment waiting for you in the Philippines and/or a healthy bank account, but it's always riskier applying for a visa from a third country. My Filipino friend managed to get US visa in Kuala Lumpur, but he's an expat worker and thus, a legal resident. Is it possible for you to return to the Philippines and apply for a Dutch visa from there? That would be the safest and most surefire route.
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