Best electric pre-shave product?
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I'm looking for a lotion, oil, powder, etc. that'll help me get a closer shave with my electric razor. Any experience? While I'm open to less common solutions, I'm optimally looking for something I can just grab at CVS. In the past I've used baby oil which has worked well, but are there any other options (specifically for electric razors or alternative solutions) that might be better? I've seen commercials for Lectric Shave recently and was wondering. Thanks!
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This stuff.
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I've used Afta pre-Electric by Mennen for a few years, which usually does a pretty good job of helping the razor out. It's more of a lotion than an oil.
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I don't think any electric razor will give you a baby butt smooth shave. But I have a Panasonic wet/dry electric shaver I use when I want a quick, presentable shave. Easiest thing I've found to make it work well? Doc Bronners. Just a few drops on my face, kept wet to allow for a slippery, refreshing shave. It doesn't really lather up much, but it does a perfectly serviceable job, washes right off my face and the razor when done. Doesn't gum up the blades or foil like an oil. No aftershave needed.

I think Lectric Shave and the usual electric razor aids are often alcohol based. Almost certain to have a more astringent, drying effect. Some folks may or may not like.
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It will never be smooth. Only a blade that touches the surface of the skin itself can produce smoothness. I used a Panasonic shaver for a while and it was fine as long as I didn't mind having a 5 o'clock shadow at noon.

All of the drugstore preshaves smell terrible. Lectric Shave and Afta smell like odd combinations of cologne and automotive air fresheners. Order the Lab Series pre-electric solution from Amazon. It is supposed to be unscented.
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I read use hair conditioner that you don't like but don't want to throw out, as a shaving lotion. Why not try yours next time you shave? I did it with a razor and it was fabbo.
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Oops, I should add...this was for my legs and with a blade, not electric.
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I'm a fan of King of Shaves shave oils, like this.
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I tried a lot of different stuff and as mentioned above, you won't get a truly close shave with an electric razor. I switched to blades and haven't looked back.
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I've found that giving my face a really good wash with soap and water, then letting it dry for ten minutes or so, really improves the closeness of an electric shave. I've tried oils and other pre-shave products, but I can't say any of those have added to the quality of the shave in the same way.

And open up the razor and give it a thorough clean regularly, especially if you're using any kind of shaving oil.
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I've used Lectric Shave as a pre-shave for a while, although I actually shave with a Gillette Sensor Excel 2 blade razor, and usually use shaving soap with a bristle brush for shaving. The Lectric Shave does have some alcohol that evaporates from your face quickly, but it also leaves behind some isopropyl myristate that helps lubricate your skin, and materially helps reduce razor burn from electric razors. It also really seems to relax my pores and "set up" my beard for shaving. I put it on about 10 minutes before shaving, allow it to fully evaporate while rubbing my face a bit, and then wash my face with hot water, or do that in shower, then lather up, wait another couple of minutes for my beard to soften fully, and then shave.

Much smoother results than with just shaving soap and water, although it does seem to "eat" Sensor Excel blades a bit; I find I change blades more often when using Lectric Shave, than I do otherwise.
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I have to pile on here about the "abandoning the electric shaver" vibe. Hie thee to and discover the amazing (and fun) world of double-edged safety razor wet shaving.

Seriously - you'll save a cartload of cash, do the environment a huge favor, and realize you're getting the best damn shave of your life.

Not only that, but you'll have endless, endless options for kickass shaving soaps, creams and after shaves, not to mention razors etc.

Failing that, sure, Lectric Shave aughta do it.
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Seconding Afta Pre-Electric Shave by Mennen. Lectric Shave is too oily in my opinion.
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Best shave I know of is shave in the shower with a blade on soap, then using any of the 'lectric shave sorts of glop and an electric shaver; anything you might miss in the shower gets nailed after, and it all gets closer, too. It's the smoothest, closest shave I've ever found, baby-skin smooth.
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