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As a wedding gift, a co-worker of my husband gave us 2 train tickets to NYC- YAY!!!!. The only trouble is that he misspelled my husband's name (think Jaques instead of Jack) and got my name wrong (think Melody instead of Melissa). How do we fix this? Do we need to involve the gift giver? Can we call the train company to fix?
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I wouldn't worry about it. As long as you have a ticket, you are fine. They don't check identifications.
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Amtrak does random ID checks. Call them and ask what you'd have to do to get the names sorted out. They'll tell you if you need to involve the purchaser.
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Yes, Amtrak definitely checks IDs if they feel like it. They even occasionally search baggage now (I commute four days a week on Amtrak). They would probably fix it, but you may have to go to the ticket office in person. Call first.
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Best answer: If you do need to get in touch with the people who got you the tickets you can phrase it like,"It looks like the train company got our names wrong, can you get them to issue us new ones?" so it looks like the train company messed up and not that these people don't know how to spell your names. Also, it could very well likely be that the train company messed up.
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