Rackmountable Server with Firewire that has TI Chipset
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I need more information on firewire chipsets on motherboards + rack mounting questions

I am developing plans for building a rackmountable computer for my studio. The main aspect of the computer is the audio interface, which must be firewire, and for the lowest latency possible I was told to go with a Texas Instrument chipset. I am looking to have the rackmount computer take up minimal units on the rack.

So this is a two part question : Is there a motherboard that has a built in firewire port that has a texas instrument chipset?

And, if not, then what is the smallest rackmountable case (unit wise) that can fit a Texas Instrument chipset Firewire PCI card?

Any recommendations for a rackmountable audio interface would be appricated too (Im thinking presonus firepod for now).
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Here's how I would do it. Newegg has a power search that lets you define criteria. Here are all the Intel motherboards with onboard 1394. Now just go down the list, and for each one hit the Manufacturer Product Page link on the Details tab. Then on that page click on specifications or details or whatever they call it and see which chipset is used for the 1394 ports. If the manufacturer doesn't list the chipset by name you can still google it.

For example, I checked the Gigabyte Z68X family (which use the VIA VT6308), the ASUS Rampage III X58 (uses the VIA VT6315N), the ASUS Sabertooth X58 (uses VIA VT6308P), however the Gigabyte X58A uses the TI TSB43AB23 so that would be one to consider. These are gaming motherboards which probably have features you don't need, so keep going down the list and checking until you find one that suits you.

If you want to shop for add on cards, start with a google search that includes the desired chipset and "low profile" like [low profile 1394 TSB43AB23], which seems to have a few leads. You'll have to verify that each of those is actually a TI chipset, for example the Newegg Startech page in that result set is actually a VIA VT6307-based product.

Incidentally, it's Texas Instruments
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