The name of a horror movie where a ghost talks to the girl through a mirror.
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I saw this old horror movie about eight years ago, but I think it's from the seventies. A young couple moves into an old house and people start dying. As it turns out, the ghost either is, or looks just like, the young woman. The ghost speaks to her through the mirror. The only line of dialog I remember is when she was walking along a flight of stairs with an old man, and he says something to the effect that, "people today are so impolite."

Have you seen this movie? Do you remember its name, or who was in it?
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Best answer: Could it be this movie?
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Response by poster: Yeah, that's wild. I'm going to have to watch it again, but I think that's it. Thanks a lot!
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Are you sure it's not The Haunting?
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Response by poster: It was something like that. A hell of a movie really, and it had a simple, direct title, like The Haunting or Ghost Story, but the details fade. It wasn't gory, it was weird. The way she talked to herself in that mirror, like it was her unconscious, and that old bastard, he was like the bartender in the Shining, this strange connection for her to the mystery. He gave the movie a spooky humor. But I don't think he was a professor, more like a butler, or an old uncle, or a care taker. I remember, it seems, the girl had blond hair. But I don't remember what all the fuss was about. Whether they had a baby or not. Just that people were dying, and it turns out she was killing them, or the ghost that looks like her was. I did see the remake of The Haunting, and the plot lines seem different. Definitely a young couple. Kind of like the Shining that way, new house, maybe a kid.

Oh wait, I kind of remember, it was like she had this split personality, where she would get yelled at by someone else or treated badly, and she was very meek about it all, but then she would leave the room, and this other character would get stuck with some kitchen knives in an 'accident' or some similar misfortune. And maybe they did have a baby.

Anyway, I can't go wrong by renting them both, and a couple other haunted house stories just to make sure. Thanks for the help.
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If you do find that "Ghost Story" available somewhere for rent, will you post here? Because I'm the one with the original question (I don't think my "Ghost Story" is your same flick, though), and because it was a TV movie/pilot/series/whatever, we've never found a copy.
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"I did see the remake of The Haunting"

Aaaaaah! I am so sorry. Please rent the original, and hire a professional to burn that execrable remake out of your brain. However, it doesn't sound like The Haunting is the movie you're looking for anyway. The main character has a lot of internal monologue, but never talks to herself in a mirror, I am almost certain. And there's no slightly-comic old man ghost.
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