What's the most inspirational place to meet in Orlando?
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Looking to host a Salon in Orlando. What's the most amazing place you can think of to have it?

A ton of really intelligent, cool people that I know are going to be in Orlando for a few days in the next few weeks. We've been talking about hosting a Salon/co-working session/informal philosophical get together. We want to do this in an amazing and inspirational place. I've been looking at some of the co-working spaces in Orlando, but they all seem to be more office-like rather than the more relaxed atmosphere we're looking for. Does anyone have an idea where we might be able to do this? It's looking to be about 15-20 people.
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Have you looked at the Harry P Leu Gardens? It's an absolutely beautiful location, and their webpage looks like they can host events of your size.
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I highly recommend Gaylord Palms. Yes, it's technically a "convention center" but it's way more than that. I'm sure they can accommodate a group your size and you won't find yourself crammed in to a stuffy boardroom of some kind.

It's absolutely gorgeous inside. When people come to visit me, I always take them for a walk-though and it's always a hit. The atmosphere is so cool that I even go there on picnic lunch dates or for a stroll around the place. Check out the video on the site to see what I'm talking about.
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