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Recommend some sunglasses and / or a glasses case, preferably under $30 that will accommodate both my large head and my tendency to crush and bend every pair I've ever owned.

A few more details: I'm a guy. I seem to have all manner of trouble keeping the frames of my sunglasses from getting completely stretched out, to the point where they won't stay on my face anymore. It feels like this is because I have a particularly large head and I'm kind of rough on my sunglasses - throw them in my shirt pocket or in a backpack, where they get kinda smooshed. Could there be another reason why this keeps happening? If not, what sunglasses can I get, with or without a case, that are more resistant to this sort of thing?

Price is a consideration - I'd like to keep my spending here under $30, but if the lesson here is that I've been buying too cheap sunglasses, I'll bite the bullet. Style is not particularly a consideration. I'm not correcting any vision issues while wearing them. Thanks!
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Probably, too-cheap sunglasses, and if you're going to be putting them in a backpack, then you need a hard case. Even the best sunglasses aren't happy being smooshed.

I got my current sunglasses (which have now lasted two years, I think I a record) from Oakley Vault. I think I paid $40 for mine, but you can pay whatever, really. They come with the standard Oakley stuff - a nice hard case and the cleaner bag thingy. I've been really happy, particularly for the money.
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i too have a basketball head.... and the lesson i learned was that i also wore too cheap sunglasses. I finally broke down and bought a pair of plastic frame, glass lense sunglasses (not rayban wayfarers but essentially that concept). i keep them in the hardsided cases when i'm not using them and other than that i do nothing different from before, and they've lasted me just shy of 3 years and dont look to be slowing down. i assure you, 3 years is something like 900x better then my previous length record.... the bad news: i spent about $200. BUT i bought them in europe, in a fairly tourist area. so you can do WAY better than that.

just to sum up: plastic frames, glass lenses. hard case which you use religiously.
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fyi, i got something like this
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Response by poster: Silly question: I realize I'm probably going to have to do some in-person shopping here, especially to evaluate frames. Do I go to Sunglasses Hut to do that? Is there a place I can go that won't charge me a ridiculous amount of money?
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I have, in the past, just sailed into LensCrafters and tried on a load of stuff.

You can find out what your frame size is and that may help.
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Some plastic frames just have stretching issues. I've had to have my regular glasses adjusted twice in the past year, which For Eyes has been happy to do for me, so if you get a better pair of glasses, you should be able to get them adjusted at a standard optician easily enough. But even a cheap pair will be happier in a hard case, and I'd suggest checking out places like Marshall's or TJ Maxx - that's where I get most of mine, and I don't think I've ever spent more than $12.

Oh, and with the stretching problem, I've now been firmly counseled by two opticians never to put my glasses on top of my head. I don't usually, so I think the stretching issue with me is just having a largish head in general, but if you are in the habit of just pushing your sunglasses on top of your head instead of taking them off entirely, you might want to see if not doing that helps.
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NumaOptics makes seriously unbreakable glasses.
They're more than $30 but you can sometimes find them online on sale.
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Get American Optical aviators. Measure your head from temple to temple to get your size. Order from Optics Planet, find an online coupon, and they'll run you under $40 shipping included. Damn fine glasses, and they come with a soft case.
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