What is this song?
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I have a music box (actually a musical flamingo) from the early '90s. What song is it playing? The sticker on the bottom says "Somew" and the rest is torn off.
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Best answer: I believe the song is "Somewhere in Time" from a movie of the same title.
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Best answer: Yeah Somewhere in Time....same tune here
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Response by poster: You guys are the best! Wikipedia describes the movie as a "romantic science fiction tragedy film," which sounds downright amazing.

So what's the deal with the flamingo?

This appears to be the tune from the soundtrack.
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Was the music box actually made in the '90s? Somewhere in Time came out in 1980 and I remember a lot of flamingo decor in the '80s, though I have no idea what inspired it. Miami Vice, maybe.
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There's really no telling when it comes to the music that ends up in music boxes. My sisters bought one in the early 90's that lit up beautifully, and played a haunting melody that we enjoyed over and over again. Years later I figured out that it was the theme from "The Godfather."
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Response by poster: It's certainly possible that it was made in the '80s, but the movie would've been at least 5 years old by the time the purchase was made. Maybe it was bought at a garage sale or something? It's a gift dating back to when I was too young to pronounce "flamingo" very well.

We had a light-up flower that played the theme to Love Story. My family has questionable taste; my mom decorates like a poor man's Carmela Soprano. Actually, something playing the theme to The Godfather sounds right up our alley.
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Old movie tunes can stick around forever in music boxes, though -- I've seen many new with the tune from Dr. Zhivago on them, or the theme from Ice Castles.
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Somewhere in Time is definitely worth seeing if you have a free evening. Have a hankie ready.
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The son from Dr. Zhivago that fiercecupcake references is called Somewhere My Love. Without listening to your clip, it was my first answer to your question, as I have a music box that plays it.

The theme to Love Story is also known as Where Do I Begin. Also have a music box that plays it as well.
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