Please recommend a reasonable-priced turntable to me with a bunch of specified characteristics
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Please recommend to me a new turntable with the following qualities: sounds great to a non-audiophile, less than €400, available in Europe, has a 33/45 switch and auto-stop at the end of the side, and 33cm or less in depth with the cover off.

Well, it's basically all in the question, but I will elaborate a tiny bit. I'm in Germany, need to find a turntable for a gift that I can easily obtain here and get service for here for less than €400. New is required, this needs to be a low-maintenance present and if it misbehaves there needs to be an existing corporation or responsible dealer who will fix it under warranty.

The ears listening to it will be sharp but not obsessive, so ordinarily something like the Pro-Ject III or a Rega or a Music Hall would be ultra-perfect, except that it won't be a good present to the receiver if it doesn't have a 33/45 switch and auto-stop at the end of a side, which none of their sub-€400 turntables have.

And, last but not least, it has to fit fully inside a space which is 33cm deep with its dust cover off, which is a bit unusual.

None of these specs are optional (or, at least, if any of them were, I would be able to find a match on my own). I have absolutely nothing against mass-market models if they sound decent. Do you have any suggestions for me? Much appreciated.
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The only (available to the mortal) manufacturer of decent turntables with auto return that I know of is Dual.
They appear to have 33/45 speed selectors as well.

I'm not too sure on pricing, but has what appears to be most models under your €400 price range. I've never used this website to buy anything - I just found it posted prices of those products, which google let me to.

I couldn't find any physical measurements.
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Yup, I'd love to get a Dual but they are all shown as 36cm from front to back on Amazon. In every other respect they make the most sense since they are local products to me and high quality.
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(Also, auto-return isn't necessary, it's sufficient if the needle just picks up at the end of the side like in the case of the too-expensive-but-otherwise-perfect Pro-Ject Experience III Comfort).
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