Looking for East Bay Regional Park posters of a certain style
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Looking for a place to buy East Bay Regional Park posters (Tilden, Wildcat, etc) in this style available for Muir woods: http://store.parksconservancy.org/store/product.asp?cat=68&sub=68&product=243 I know they exist, just have had no luck finding them.
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I'd try calling the gift shop at The Little Farm in Tilden Park.
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I haven't seen them but I do know that Berkeley's Arts & Crafts Press has done some limited editions in that style, including some local places.
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Oops. I guess they're in Washington? but they do a LOT of the local Berkeley event posters and Ches Panisse's menus, etc.
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The artist of the Muir Woods print, Michael Schwab, has a website. His portfolio has several park posters, but I don't see the specific ones you mentioned.
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Here's one for Tilden by Lisa Sindorf.
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Lisa Sindorf's LiveJournal is here; she periodically posts examples of what she's working on, announcements of shows, that kind of thing.
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