Hole in my shoe...
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I accidentally kicked a branch on the sidewalk, which punched a small hole into the surface of my shoe. Here's what it looks like. Is there an easy fix for this?

It's a Cold Haan Caldwell, with a leather upper and a cap-toe design.

I'm thinking I might be able to apply a bunch of shoe wax to the surface and polishing several times. Or is there a better way?
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Response by poster: "Hole" might be a little misleading -- it's just damage to the finished surface.
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I've filled similar nicks with plain black polish, allowed it to dry (overnight, or longer) and then re-polished the surface. If you know how to polish the shoe afterward, you should be fine, but it will take several coats and some elbow grease (perhaps some spit?) to cover the dried-matte polish you fill the dent with.
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Just take it to a shoe repair place tomorrow. They'll fill in the hole and polish up the area... the whole thing should be about $10.
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I agree that a cobbler should be able to quickly and cost-effectively fix this for you.
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Most definitely a cobbler.

The one I go to can fix anything, and everything I've had done has been under $15.
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A cobbler will have something that looks like a black crayon, only with softer, more maleable wax. They can fill in the gouge, and then polish over it. It may need to be refilled again in a couple years, and there will be a slight difference in texture if you look reeeeally close or run a finger over it, but the shoe is far from ruined.
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