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Looking for music like these two specific songs sung by Jose Gonzalez. Dark, deep music with acoustic guitars. ("Far Away" and "Rope and Summit")
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Response by poster: to narrow it down even more. I really like the way that Jose Gonzalez's voice sounds in these tracks. Even suggesting artists with similar voices would be helpful
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you might like Mark Kozelek and the Red House Painters (as well as current band Sun Kil Moon)
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Ok. So this isn't voice so much as mood, but she opened for Jose Gonzalez at least once, so. Juana Molina. I have Son, which I love, but she has a bunch of albums.

Also if you don't already know about Nick Drake, you should.
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Roy Orbison?
Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel)?
someone will suggest Jeff Buckley, so I guess I will
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I'm surprised you didn't put up "Heartbeats" as an example--definitely my favorite Jose Gonzalez song (and one of my favorite songs from The Knife).

As for your question, you may have heard of these, but nonetheless...

Damien Rice comes to mind first for me--I'm not a huge fan, but a lot of folks dig him.

Also maybe The Tallest Man on Earth, although he's a bit more on the Bob Dylan side.

Some other suggestions, and these may be a bit of reach, but anyways...

Cass McCombs I like a lot, especially this song:

Timber Timbre:
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David Bazan immediately comes to mind. You may also be interested in his previous project "Pedro The Lion."

After a bit more thought: Jason Molina and Songs: Ohia
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How about M. Ward?
I'll Be Your Bird
Story of an Artist
And one of my absolute all-time favorite covers,
Let's Dance
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Gravenhurst has a similar style to Jose Gonzalez, I reckon, at least on their earlier albums.
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Nick Drake
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Thirding Nick Drake, especially the album 'Pink Moon'. Both of those songs are great, by the way!
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Jim White! Wrong Eyed Jesus.
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Jose Gonzalez was recommended to me when I was looking for artists similar to Elliott Smith.
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Nthing Nick Drake and Juana Molina. I'll add Kings of Convenience, Eddie Vedder's work for Into the Wild (or his latest ukelele record), and maybe Sophie Barker for a more melancholic tint.
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DM Stith might work, although his voice is pitched a little differently and his studio album strays from the acoustic-only nature of his shows.

The vocalist to me sounds a bit like one of the chaps from The Kinks, and they have a few darker, slower songs.
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Try Laura Marling for similar deep foot stomping strumming
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Has anyone said Nick Drake? heh.

OK, but seriously, Geoff Farina, 2, 3.

Early Destroyer, 2, specifically City of Daughters.
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When I'm in the mood for music like that, I sometimes listen to Andrew Bird, Ryan Montbleau, and Sufjan Stevens in addition to many of the others mentioned above. Here is a playlist on Grooveshark you may enjoy.
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I wonder if Ray LaMontagne's music might appeal to you.
Be Here Now
Beg, Steal or Borrow
You Can Bring Me Flowers
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