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I like the following films, what others would you suggest?

Normally I'm a horror fiend, but sometimes I like to geek it out and have a good laugh. To get said laugh I'll usually turn to the following films, but I'm curious if there are others floating around that have skipped past my radar. Enlighten me :)

Darkon (1 2)
Second Skin (1 2)
Monster Camp (1 2)
Trekkies (1 2)
Trekkies 2 (1 2)
The Gamers (1 2)
The Gamers Dorkness Rising (1 2)
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King of Kong is much in the same vein as Trekkies (and I love both).
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You might also like: The Princess Bride and Drakmar. It is assumed that you've already seen The Lord of the Rings.
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Fear of Girls is a short film, but definitely worth checking out. I'd avoid the sequel, though.

The Wizard can be enjoyed with irony or rose-tinted nostalgia -- you pick!

I have not seen Galaxy Quest, but I have been told it is a well-made and loving meta-parody of Star Trek.

RiffTrax will also spice up any movie with (authentic) MST3K wise-crackin'.
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I have heard good things about King of Kong. I totally forgot it exists, so thanks for the reminder.

That assumption is true ;)

Thanks for the Drakmar link, that led me to The Dungeon Masters
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Otaku Unite! shares similarities with the documentary recs above. I thought it was entertaining and (from an outsider's perspective, at least) seemed fairly respectful of the subculture.

I also liked King of Kong a lot. Well worth watching.
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American Movie
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Vinyl is the best, most emotive film I've seen in this genre.
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Otaku no Video for the anime angle. It's a fictionalized (and animated) biography of an anime filmmaker, interspersed with live-action segments of Japanese adults secretly geeking out on their childhood passions.
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Best Worst Movie (1,2)
I Think We're Alone Now (1, 2)
Winnebago Man (1, 2)
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The Last Lovecraft: The Relic of Cthulhu
Imagine of Joss Whedon was told to make a big-budget, mainstream Lovecraft adaptation, only he had to use his TV show's budget.
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Vinyl is the best, most emotive film I've seen in this genre.

Vinyl is a terrible film if you know anything about anyone in the film (I know most of the non-famous collectors). In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's among the worst of documentary films--the filmmaker has an agenda and forced his material to communicate it. This goes for other films this director's made as well.

I'd recommend Overnight.
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Free Enterprise
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Saw Big Man Japan over the weekend. Hilarious and designed to make you go "WTF?"
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Triumph Of The Nerds is a dated but awesome history of the PC

Seconding Galaxy Quest

Fast, Cheap and Out of Control

I'll also go out on a limb and recommend Wet Hot American Summer
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Some docs that sort of touch on geekdom, though maybe not gaming:
Rock-a-fire Explosion
Best Worst Movie
Winnebego Man
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Galaxy Quest is an overlooked gem
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Thanks for all the suggestions

Here's what I'll probably take away from the suggestions:
Galaxy Quest (seen it, and LOVE it. Mrs. Zombie hates it, maybe no brains in it)
Fan Boys
The Dungeon Masters
Best Worst Movie (I first have to get Mrs. Zombie to watch Troll 2 before she'd get this)
Winnebago Man
Free Enterprise
Fast, Cheap & Out of Control
King of Kong

and though I'm not into a lot of Japanese culture, outside of Zatoichi, Big Man Japan sounds enticing.

Some of the others listed either don't pertain to me or I've already seen enough times to let them sit another 5 years.

Another one I'll toss onto the list is The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. It's not great, but it's an entertaining watch.
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> Best Worst Movie (I first have to get Mrs. Zombie to watch Troll 2 before she'd get this)

FWIW, I saw Best Worst Movie having seen only a clip of Troll 2 on YouTube (you know the one) and still really enjoyed it.
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