Help us name our new dog!
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We need help naming the new female husky mix we are adopting!

Were adopting a female husky mix (see link to her pet finder profile). We definitely want to rename her but we are having difficulty finding something that we can agree on. We both generally like literary or historical names, and want to name her something fairly unique, but all of our ideas we are for male dogs! I wanted to name her Nymeria ( Arya's direwolf from A Song of Ice and Fire book series, or the Game of Thrones HBO series ) but we thought that may be too long and confusing for a dog name, and there isn't really a way to shorten it :( I've googled and googled and we can't find anything that really feels right! Our current male dog is named Watson, if that makes any difference :) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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You could shorten Nymeria to Nini or Mimi or Merie.
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Every time someone's said to me, "Oh, I have a dog named Sasha," she's always been a husky mix. Just saying.
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If your other dog is named Watson, Irene seems to be the most obvious choice here.
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London (after the author)?

Alternatively, you could find an Inuktitut name.
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The science geek in me insists that if you already have a dog named Watson that his 4-legged partner in crime must be named Crick.
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The science geek in me prefers Rosalind Franklin over Crick because the partners should've included her in proper citation. Also because the dog is female. :P
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Well, you could name her after any of the other Stark direwolves if Nymeria is too wordy for you:

Grey Wind

Okay, that last one is a warrior cat name, but it's still cool.
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Response by poster: We considered Lady, but its a pretty common dog name, plus for some reason it makes me nervous to name a dog after her since she dies so early on :( I know its irrational, but you know. We did think about Ghost (because she is all light yellow/ whitish) but we weren't sure it would work for a girl..?
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If you like the overall style of Nymeria, and dig literary connections, what about Nimue? My understanding is that it's pronounced NIM-ooh-ay. Fewer syllables than Nymeria, and easily shortened to Nim when necessary.

That said, there is no clever connection between Nimue the literary character (AKA The Lady Of The Lake) and Huskies.
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I am sorry but rules are rules and I cannot in good conscience answer this question without PUPPY PICTURES.

otherwise, name her Spanky.
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Nyma seems like it would be a nice shorter version of Nymeria.
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Quincy, did you forget the link?
Need to see puppy. Need to see puppy. Need...

Anyway, have you seen this site? Lots of Inuit names.
Or, you can always name her Laika.
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Response by poster: I apologize! I apparently stink at all this interwebs stuff, this is her adoption page complete with puppy pictures!
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When I named my children, I realized that I had to be able to shout those names as loud as possible in one breath . Both names have two syllables. (one of my very few great decisions as a father) There are some suggestions starting with 'nim', that seem to sound good with 'wat'. I propose Nimbo. Nimbo & Watson has a certain ring to it.
Nimbo, of course, being a combination of 'ninja' and 'bimbo'.
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Oh, she's gorgeous, Quincy. And has a very smart, happy look about her. Let's see what her pics inspire... But a question: why did you name your other dog Watson? Might help to see what could work for you.
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Merry. A merry, merry dog.

Sing it loud. Merrrry! Good girl, Merry!
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I had a very hard time choosing a name for my beautiful female vizsla-mix puppy I rescued as a stray. she's gorgeous, and there were so many many wonderful names that I thought would be perfect. I couldn't ever pin down what she ought to be called, so it got to point where I just began saying words to her, repeating them several times, and then seeing what would stick. Once I landed upon the perfect name her tail started wagging so wildly, she was practically moving her whole rearend. this is probably why i have a gorgeous girl dog named Dirtbike.

so, why not ask your dog? :)
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Oh - she's lovely! Seems very sweet and happy.

I have no literary names for you, but yes - definitely go out in the back yard and shout a few names to see how they sound. Imagine shouting the same name very loudly at the dog park, too, and having to spell/explain it to vet assistants and small children.

I googled "names that mean golden" and got this list.

She does look like a Summer, if you stay with the Ice & Fire list. :)
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Branching off of likeso's link, names pertaining to snow. Akitla, Eiriol, and Katiyana are pretty. Or Susitna (Susie for short) for the lovely mountain and its legend (though the name itself means Sandy, which your pup appears to be).
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Response by poster: We named Watson for Dr. Watson for Sherlock Holmes :)
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Marple, then
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I really like Russian names for Huskies for some reason, and their naming conventions allow for a lot of adorable shortenings/nicknamings.

Tasha (Natasha, Natya, Tanya)
Masha (Marya, Mashenka)
Darya (Dashenka, Dasha)
Katya (Katerina)
Annushka (Anna)
Lena/Lana (Svetlana)

I'm really partial to Masha, which was used as a pet name for Princess Marya from War and Peace, famed for her loyalty, nobility, warmth, and strength of character. Good name for a pup.

Good luck!
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That dog looks like a Shasta to me. She is lovely! Congrats!
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Marple is a great name.
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I think it should be somewhat close to the name she has now, and incorporate a hard vowel sound, which might make it easier for her to learn.
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I should note, naming your husky Nanuk is a lot like naming your child John or Mary. I know five different Nanuks. Marple is an awesome name and more importantly, you are about to find out huskies are always investigating things and putting themselves in quasi perilous situations... like raiting the bathroom trashcan.
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Smilla, for Smilla's Sense of Snow.
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We had a foster momma husky and eight puppies. We named them things like Mikhail and Pitr and Ekaterina and Anastasia and also Sputnik, who was way ahead of the rest in spatial exploration (made it all the way across the puppy pen before any of the rest were trying to climb out of the nest!)

I really liked Anastasia as a name. And Sputnik.

Lolita? Anna Karenina?
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Lots of female detective names here. I like Tuppence (Agatha Christie character) and you could call her Tuppie/Tuppy.
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Shirley Holmes
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If I had this dog I would name her Petra.
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"Irene" or "Adler"
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