Interesting set of chord changes -- what was the name of the song?
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Ska band with a horn section. Prominent piano (?) chords on the off-beat, following the pattern I i i iv. No, that's not a typo: the first tonic chord is major, the rest are minor. Name that tune?
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Best answer: In what rough time period would you place it? Vocals: none, toasting, or lyrical? And roughly what tempo? (And how close is Funky Kingston in terms of instrumentation and accent prominence?)
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Response by poster: Funky Kingston is so close, it's actually the exact song I was looking for. Thanks.
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It probably doesn't matter now that you found the tune, but that just sounds like a straightforward I-IV-V progression, not I i i IV. Unless I'm missing something?
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that just sounds like a straightforward I-IV-V progression

No way, dude. The chords are:

F# F#m F#m/A B

So the progression is I i i IV.
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Whoops, my mistake. You're right!
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Response by poster: (But if I might ask, milquetoast: did you have other songs in mind with that same set of changes? It sounds like you did, since you didn't just say "Oh, that's Funky Kingston" and call it done. I'm absolutely ignorant about ska, just happened to hear this song playing in a bar the other night, but it struck me as a really unusual — and seriously catchy — harmony, so I'd be curious to know if it crops up other places.)
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