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My neighbors put these Chinese characters up on their front door. Can someone please translate them?

This seems to have been the recommendation of their decorator. I overheard them mention that it was Chinese. I must explain that my neighbors are not Chinese and have limited, if any, knowledge about Chinese culture I assure you. They are the type who would simply find this "exotic". I would ask them myself but I am afraid that I will not be able to disguise my disapproval.

link to the picture:
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It's 雅典娜, meaning Athena (the Greek goddess).
posted by gubo at 1:12 PM on June 26, 2011

I think it might mean "Athena."

First two characters, Ya Dian, mean Athens, and the third, Na, is a suffix for phonetically translating girl's names.
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It's also very poorly-written Chinese, clearly done by someone who doesn't understand Chinese or who doesn't know how to write Chinese characters.
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Maybe they just lost the use of their dominant hand, suedehead. ; )
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Yeah, those characters are written really poorly, almost as though someone had written ATHENA in magic marker on their door.
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Next step – write this on your door: O Κομφούκιος ("Confucius" in Greek)
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I have some friends whose handwriting looks like this (it was "in" for a while), but the spacing on the last character is just... strange. I agree, not the best handwriting for something on your door.

Next step – write this on your door: O Κομφούκιος ("Confucius" in Greek)

Fabulous suggestion!
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