Visiting Cartagena, Colombia
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A cousin of mine is getting married in Cartagena and I'll be spending a week there at the end of July. Any travel tips? Recommended places to visit/eat? I may have opportunities to travel outside of Cartagena after the wedding festivities are over, considering I'll be staying over longer than many of the guests; after I do the official Romancing The Stone walking tour (kidding, I think) where should I go from there?
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Cartagena is a walled city (like Quebec City, for example).

The top of the wall is nice - there are events organized there every so often. When I was there, we had a dance that went on until dawn.

Fresh fruit juices are unlike anything I've ever had in North America. Imagine a flavour that is 10x more intense. A greater variety of fruits, too.

The old town is beautiful - it is a UNESCO-preserved heritage site. Colonial architecture - beautiful! However, beware of panhandlers after dark.

BUT - you must know that in July, it will be bloody hot there. Cartagena is not far from the equator. When I was there (in October, many years ago) it was well over 100F and very humid, so God knows what kind of heat you will encounter while there.
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I was there in the 80's, and I was a kid, but I do remember going to the rosario islands in a very choppy ocean, but it was beautiful. We just took a day trip, I think, and I did a bit of swimming in beautiful crystal clear waters while my mom did a bit of shopping.

I also got a third degree sunburn, with blisters and the whole bit, so don't forget to pack your sunscreen.

Have fun!
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