Where to find American flag Converse All-Stars?
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Where can I find some American flag Converse All-Stars?

I remember them being literally as standard as the black or white ones for a number of years of my childhood. Did they just stop making them? I can't find them anywhere. And I want some. Help.
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These aren't exactly the pattern I remember, I don't think, but they're close. Here's a different take on stars & stripes.

Zappos also has some similar patterns available in kids sizes that may work if your feet are small enough.
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Best answer: You could design your own at Converse.com (Flash, sorry).

I designed a pair for my daughter in her school colors for her birthday - ran about $70.
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Best answer: Here they are, from Zappos.
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Search eBay for the terms flag and converse - several variations there besides the ones on Zappos.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, zappos does not have my size. So, while I thank you for the find, if anyone knows of anywhere else that carries them where I might find my size, please let me know!
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Have you tried Converse's outlet stores? They can be a bit hit-and-miss, but a couple of years ago I picked up a flag-themed pair (stars but no stripes).
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Best answer: Eastbay has them, and it looks like all the sizes are in stock.
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Of course, they are all made in China now. :(
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I have seen them in stores and online fairly recently. If you don't want to go the design-your-own route, I'd keep hunting regularly on Amazon, Zappos and eBay.
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Response by poster: Score!
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