Classical and Piano Covers of Popular Songs
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What are some good classical covers of popular songs?

I'd like to find some piano or string [or even orchestral] covers of rock songs and other popular songs. A lot of the ones I've found so far are undesirable because of a "heavy" sound or because the tempo is too fast (see note about my job below).

A friend turned me on to Scott D. Davis., whose album Rockfluence - Solo Piano has some of my favorite piano covers. I've also found some usable covers done by the Vitamin String Quartet.

I'm mainly looking for cover versions that are more mellow, because I'd like to play them at work, where only low to mid-tempo classical is allowed. A good example of this is the Bruno Mars song Grenade, covered by the Piano Tribute Players
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Check out Aston, who do lots of gorgeous covers of pop songs. Love their version of Katy Perry's "E.T."
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You must check out Vitamin String Quartet. They have done hundreds and hundreds of covers of popular songs/albums.
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Alarm Will Sound covered a lot of Aphex Twin, some of which sounded fairly classical in the first place.
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A million times yes on the Vitamin String Quartet. As a random example, check out Are You Gonna Be My Girl, which is not a song I liked very much until I heard their cover and felt like they had somehow peeled the cover off a musically awesome piece and make it their own at the same time.
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Christopher O'Riley has done several albums of piano covers of Radiohead songs (example: Karma Police, although my favorite is paranoid android), and he also has an album with Nick Drake covers.
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Deep Blue Orchestra covers Misirlou

Smooth Criminal covered by 2 Cellos

I kind of think this sort of thing is exactly as silly as Wendy Carlos' Switched On Bach. But it is kind of amazing to hear mostly acoustic renditions of pop tunes that were heavily produced in the studio. Though 2Cellos clearly makes use of studio production.
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All of these covers sound cool and the videos look great. I probably should have mentioned that my boss (the store owner) does not like Rock music, and almost all of these have percussion.

Part's of Katy Perry's "E.T." may be usable, but the percussion is definitely audible in many parts of the song. Smooth Criminal is awesome, but very very uptempo.

If only this tribute to Smooth Criminal did not have the percussion, I could probably use it.
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Try the Kronos Quartet cover of Marquee Moon (sorry no Youtube, I just found this). No percussion here. Check out some other Kronos Quartet covers too, they've done some great stuff.
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I'm almost thinking about hiring some young music nerd to just record piano versions of various songs. Maybe Elance would be good for this if I can't find someone locally...
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Try Fourplay String Quartet from Sydney.
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The Bad Plus have done a lot of piano trio covers of popular songs; while more in the jazz idiom than classical, may work for your purposes.
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Not sure if the tracks fit your criteria but the music of Maxence Cyrin (Youtube) is excellent.
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Bach Meets the Beatles
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Doctor_negative kind of beat me to it. The one I grew up listening to is The Baroque Beatles Book.
Peter Breiner's Beatles arrangements are ok too.

Also check out these Pink Floyd covers by the London Philharmonic.

You can also work your way through this list of symphonic rock covers.
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I was recently intrigued by the Harp Twins, found on the blue.
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Also, Brad Mehldau is known for his Radiohead piano covers.
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These two albums from The Ultra-Lounge Series might have some stuff.
On The Rocks Part 1
On The Rocks Part 2
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Seconding the Balanescu Quartet, which is what I thought of at once.
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vkgoeswild has a youtube channel with a very large number of awesome piano versions of a variety of popularish songs. She also provides pdfs with the sheet music on her website.
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Apocalyptica -- 4 cellists do Metallica. Their version of "Nothing Else Matters" is beautiful.
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The Lady Gaga Fugue (previously)
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A few random possibilities:
Secret Cello Society
The Entertainers: Andrej Kurti & Viktor Uzur
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I've always found this orchestral arrangement album of pieces by The Doors kinda interesting. It's Nigel Kennedy with the Prague Symphony Orchestra, and while much of it is pretty uptempo, there are a couple of slower tracks on there, like this rendition of The Unknown Soldier and their treatment of Love Street.

Of course, if he's familiar with rock music and also really hates it, this may be a no go, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.
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I asked a similar question previously, you can check out some great recommendations there.
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Maybe a bit too fast, but Turtle Island Quartet covers "Crossroads"
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Strung Out on OK Computer is a tribute album using a string quartet.
Seconding Christopher O'Riley.
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