Best Iphone battery replacement option?
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What's the best iPhone (3G specifically) battery replacement option?

I was given an iPhone 3G by a relative who has upgraded. It has terrible battery life (as is expected by a smartphone of it's vintage) - about 12 hours with EVERYTHING (including the phone) turned off. I'm not convinced I NEED a smartphone, but I figure I could give it a try given the low entry price... Even if I don't end up using it as a phone it'd be nice to use it as a PDA and mini wifi tablet around the house.

I know iPhones and smartphones in general don't have the greatest battery life, so I'm not expecting too much, but which battery replacement option provides the best battery life?

I've tried dirt-cheap no-name replacement batteries for non-smartphone Nokias before, and they are OK for a whort while before losing all there capacity, so happy to spend a bit more.

The iFixit replacement battery is only $14.95 plus shipping, which seems really cheap. Are they any better than the eBay options at the same price? I've tried searching the apple website, but I couldn't find any info on non-warranty battery replacement.

I've got no problem dissasembling the phone myself - in fact looking forward to it.

I'm in Australia, but of course happy to order online.

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Not quite a replacement battery but I use a Mophie juice pack with my old 3G and it basically doubles the battery life. It's about $75.
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The iFixit battery is probably your best bet. I haven't ordered from them personally, but their repair/jailbreak guides sure are helpful.

There is no "official" replacement battery -- Apple frowns on people cracking open their gadgets.
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