Looking for some good Apple TV screen saver photos
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What's a good flickr search phrase for my Apple TV screen saver?

I'm trying to avoid random/uninteresting pictures of peoples' blurry thumbs, or whatever. I've had the best luck so far with " architecture", but I'd like more fun collections (possibly including puppies or romance)

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Sorry, that should be "...had the best luck with '[city name] architecture'"
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Apple TV also lets you specify a user's photostream, so particularly interesting flickr users would also be helpful
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"Haylookit was started by Ryan North from Dinosaur Comics as a place for people to put cool photos they want other people to see.
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There are groups like this that are good to follow. The ratio of views to "favs" tends to indicate something striking about the photo. If you are more interested in following a particular flickr poster I would suggest some of these folks. They are a large part of the reason why I am active on flickr.
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I have always enjoyed the omnomnom tag.
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My office's Apple TV has "foggy bridges" as its search phrase. Works nicely! You might also check out Flickr's groups for "Your Best Shot 2010" and previous years.
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