Help me identify this piece of classical music
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Need help identifying a piece of classical music

Beautiful piece - I think it had a flute for the main melody, and I seem to remember it being featured in a disney movie, but not sure.

I've recorded the main melody on a virtual keyboard.

To hear it, load up this page:

then click the open file icon, and paste the following into the box:


Then hit the play button (sorry about the timing, used the mouse to press each key individually).

Thanks, and hope this works!
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holy crap! thanks!!!!
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Just an FYI for anyone who wants to know what they're hearing in the background of that Gilmore Girls episode... Most of the classical music you'll hear these days (on advertisements or whatever) will likely be on this list, which has previews of the bits-people-know from 100 classical pieces sorted by keyword (impending, joyful, rousing). I've found it useful on a number of occasions.
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I seem to remember it being featured in a disney movie

If you're a child of the 80s, there's a good chance you know it from the Smurfs! The cartoon used Morning for establishing shots and happy village scenes, and In the Hall of the Mountain King for evil Gargamel scenes. Both Morning and Mountain King are from Peer Gynt.

I was astounded to learn this when, as a slightly older kid, I played one of my dad's old records on a whim.
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