Will the guilty party please raise a paw?
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Did one of my cats ruin my Tempurpedic pillow?

I got a Tempurpedic pillow last year around Christmas... had a gift card and a coupon, so a fairly expensive pillow became only a slightly expensive pillow. It served me well until yesterday, when one of my cats decided my bed was more convenient than the litter box, and urinated on my pillow and mattress.

I sprayed it down pretty well with pet odor remover before I left for work today, and it's drying out, but the odor was pretty well in there last night when I first noticed it. Am I going to end up having to get a new pillow now? Does anyone else have experience with this sort of thing?
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I would get some Nature's Miracle or Kids 'N' Pets and drench your pillow in it. Kids 'N' Pets works better in my experience.

Drench it (put it in your tub if you need to) and let it dry. If it still smells after that then I'm afraid you're out of luck.
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If you're ready to give up on it, why not haul it down to a big washer at the laundromat and run it through twice, then dry the heck out of it, and leave it air in the sun for a day or two. You wouldn't be out anything.

Is there some reason Tempurpedic pillows can't be washed anyway? (Not familiar with their construction)

Oh, yeah. Shut the bedroom door.
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Response by poster: Is there some reason Tempurpedic pillows can't be washed anyway? (Not familiar with their construction)

It's memory foam, basically. Nice memory foam, nicer than the stuff I've bought at Target, for example, but still memory foam.
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Once cat pees somewhere, they will return and repeat. You can't removed the scent by washing it. That may work so that you can't smell it, but the cat still can. You'll have to get rid of the pillow and don't allow cat in that room. Your cat probably does this somewhere else in the house too. When my cat started doing that it turned out to be a cat health issue (old age) and ended in the cat being put down a year later.
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I think you're screwed. You would need to absolutely soak the pillow in Nature's Miracle. I think memory foam would take forever to dry and might grow mildew. It would get torn apart in the washer and dryer.

Even if it did come out, there's always the psychological impact of having your face next to where there used to be cat urine. You'd think you smelled it even if you didn't.
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Give Anti Icky Poo a shot; Mrs. Chosemerveilleux and I have seen the best results with that. Zero Odor also works well. Simple solution works for less hard core hits. Nature's miracle is rubbish; having seven cats will quickly sort out what works and what doesn't. And anything too good/expensive/unreplaceable should be kept out of kittehs reach. Keep the door closed. I don't have much hope for you getting a porous foam pillow completely pee funk free but YMMV. Good Luck.
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Make sure you soak it with one of the enzyme solutions I mentioned above. And by soaking it I mean drowning it in a basin or tub, and then leave it alone to soak for a long while.
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Best answer: Call up the tempur-pedic hotline and ask them! There's a category under Customer Service "Ask about cleaning". If anyone would know...
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Response by poster: Called the hotline (thanks, clone boulevard!), and a very nice woman told me that the cover, which is removable, can be laundered, but the foam itself can't be washed, so if it's soaked into the foam, I am, in fact, screwed.

Good suggestions in here, though. Worth a shot anyway!
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If you are "screwed" anyway you may as well try the Nature's Miracle (or another enzymatic cleaner).

We had a cat spray a BRAND NEW leather couch (multiple times before we caught the infraction as it turns out) and we and thought "what the heck, it's either ruined or not...." and spent several days dousing it from all sides with Nature's Miracle. There is no more cat pee smell in the couch (to human noses anyway). As someone else mentioned, the offending feline may try to mark/use said pillow again so you may want to take steps to keep the cats out of the bedroom.
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