My Dad's dream car!
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Help me show up my dad. He thinks he came up with a gift that I can't get him. An ASV!

As a joke, my father asked me for an ASV (armored security vehicle) for his birthday. Clearly, I must find this. I've seen this, but I wanted to get him one that was already put together. I have had no luck finding this at all. Help!
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It's not hard to find bulletproof Mercedes and SUVs and stuff.

Is that what you have in mind, or are you thinking something more like a military vehicle of some kind, or a Road Warrior/last-five-minutes-of-an-A-Team-episode kind of thing?
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Best answer: Methinks the OP is looking for a toy or model, not an actual bulletproof vehicle.
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Best answer: Really? Because if you got him a full size one, you'd be pretty much the best offspring ever....

I found a bunch of pre-assembled up-armoured Humvees in 1/72, but I'm suspicious about the pre-assembled part.
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Not armored, but you can actually get a Unimog for a surprisingly reasonable price if you know where to look. My wife nixed my plan of getting one for my Los Angeles commute, even though it would have cost a fraction of what my current car does.
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An alternative suggestion: if you can't find one ready-made, I bet you could hire someone to put the other one together for you.

As to how to find said person, I'd suggest trying: Craigslist, an ad in the paper, Metafilter Jobs, and/or go to a hobby store and ask if you can put a flyer up or if the owner of the store knows someone who loves building stuff like this. Also possibly a hardware store.
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I'll second the Unimog suggestion. Though a six wheeled pinzgauer would work too. These guys are an hour outside San Francisco and have all sorts of bizarre trucks available.
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Best answer: The design of the Universe series Transformer Roadbuster is based on the M1117 Guardian ASV. With a much larger cannon. And he turns into a robot!
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Also an idea: get him a used part of an ASV. A panel/steering wheel/remnant that would look good mounted on the wall as art.
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There's a Unimog a few miles form my house, and I would love to have it!
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