Food of the gods: BACON WAFFLES!
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Seeking bacon-waffles in the Boston Metropolitan area?

I'd like to surprise a friend with bacon-filled waffles for brunch in the near future. I don't need recipes for making them - I'd like a place so we can do an impromptu mini-road trip as a part of the brunch outing, since we're damn yuppies like that. My google-fu is failing me, so I'm hoping someone knows offhand of a place that serves this food of the gods?

Must be within 2 hours driving distance of Boston, bonus points for closer by? Double-dog-bonus-points if there's some sort of chocolate bacon on the menu as well?
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I'm pretty into breakfast, but I'm afraid I haven't heard of any place around that has bacon-stuffed waffles or chocolate bacon.
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Denny's is (was?) running a "baconalia" promo with bacon pancakes - not as godlike as bacon waffles, for sure - but maybe worth a shot?
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I thought maybe The Friendly Toast might, but it's not on their menu. They do seem like the kind of place that might conceivably make them on request, but I would suggest calling first.
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Seconding Horace.
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Best answer: For those following along from home, after a ton of googling I found out that Vic's Waffle House in Tewksbury has some sort of "sweet and savory" waffle that is a chocolate chip bacon waffle (we're going to do some empirical investigation of this in the near future, since I couldn't find the actual menu online) but I'm holding out for some more suggestions.

I will check the Friendly Toast out...though honestly, whenever I go there for brunch, I can't tear myself away from just ordering a cocktail and an ice cream sundae. #whyyesiamanadult
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Response by poster: (Also, I totally dragged my family to Denny's Baconalia on Mother's Day - it was pleasantly surprising, but there was also just something about eating a bacon sundae topped with *fake* maple syrup that just made my heart a little sad.)
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A longshot, but possibly Sorella's in JP. Does Hungry Mother do a brunch?
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Response by poster: I have confirmed Vic's reliably has bacon-chocolate-chip waffles. Your mileage will vary, however, at Friendly Toast.
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