It was a dark and blocky night...
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I just installed Minecraft on my MacBook Pro, and it is working fine except that at night (in the game) it is pitch black. It is pretty much impossible to see anything but stars and sand. This obviously makes navigation hazardous. According to a friend who is familiar with the game, it is not supposed to be that dark.

This is a 2011 MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard. I have tried adjusting the various video settings to no avail, and changing the laptop's brightness level does not help. Any ideas about how to fix this?

(Yes, I know how to build torches. That's not what I mean!)
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Have you run the screen calibration in System Preferences --> Displays --> Color tab?
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How old is your MBP? Mine got a lot dimmer as it aged. I remember being shocked when I switched from playing Minecraft on the mac to playing on the PC and realized that it was possible to see things at night.
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Have you tried toggling the F (fog) key?
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Oh, I have only had the Mac for a few days, and hadn't calibrated the screen... that totally fixed it. Thanks so much!
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