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I need a good project management suite/software to manage a large yearly sports tournament. Any suggestions?

I work for a small (2 person) non-profit. Our big income generator is a large (350+ teams) yearly sports tournament. In the week before and during the weekend tournament we hire more people and have volunteers to help, but otherwise it's mostly just two of us.

There's a lot of collaboration that goes on prior to the tournament (rules, locations, etc), deadlines for contracts, budgets, collaboration with the local leagues, etc, etc.

With some spreadsheets and word documents it's just getting unwieldy and out of hand. We currently use Dropbox to hold our documents. I haven't been able to find anything that's tournament specific, but it doesn't need to be. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Here are a few things we need:

1) Online. We work out of our homes and don't have a server or anything to host MS Project or anything like that.

2) Ability to have multiple users: We have different small groups, for example, a group for a rules committee, a group to organize volunteers, etc, etc. By group I'm thinking email list or discussion forums.

3) Budgets. We need to be able to include budgets for various aspects of the tournament

4) Track milestones/deadlines

5) Calendar (if it can integrate with Google Calendar even better)

6) Bug tracking, I've seen this on some software management suites. We definitely need some kind of problem tracking mechanism.
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How about hosted redmine?

Redmine is a project management suite that we use at work. (We host our own, though.)

It has a wiki. It has issue management (bug tracking). It allows file uploads on wiki pages (for spreadsheets, etc.).

You can set up multiple users, with specific roles, and tickets can be attached to those roles. You can have people who are read-only, so they don't screw up wikis.

The only things it doesn't handle natively are budgets and calendars. But, you can use the wiki/files for budget tracking. And, similarly, I'd just do my scheduling through google.
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PM Sherpa does a pretty good job of linking to most of the Web-based project management systems out there, though it seems they've yet to include Open Atrium, which could probably be munged into your workflow.
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