What country should you live in? quiz
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Does this kind of quiz/test/thing exist: a checkbox list of attributes from all of the countries in the world that you can check off and it will tell you what countries meet those requirements?

I'm looking for the awesomest "what country should you live in" quiz that won't just ask me what kind of food I like or what kind of outdoor activities I like. I want a comprehensive list of attributes that include city size, geographic location (beach, mountains, location relative to the equator), transportation methods, etc. but also has more serious things like what's provided by the government vs. how much is paid in taxes (health care, etc.) and various legal specifications (freedom of speech, same sex marriage, abortion, etc.). Does this even exist?
Corollary question: If it doesn't exist, how would I best go about designing one?

Reading the recent Kansas abortion thread has me wondering if there is a "perfect" country for me or if this is as good as it gets (which I'm pretty sure it isn't).
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If you end up making it, the Wikipedia category of lists by country has a lot of the research done for you.
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You might also consult the much-linked CIA World Factbook.

I bet there would be some way to extract all that info, combine in with the Wikipedia information NoraReed linked to, and make some sort of searchable database.
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This interactive tool from the OECD allows you to rank the OECD countries according to your own priorities in about a dozen major categories (health, environment, jobs, education, money, etc.) It doesn't include many of the attributes you list above — only what you would call "more serious things" — and it doesn't include the developing world, but it's a start.
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NationMaster.com lets you dice and slice pretty well.
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Surely it's impossible to give a definitive answer to those questions for a whole nation when different states, provinces, within those nations etc. have different laws? Is prostitution legal in the USA? Is gay marriage? It depends.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for the info, everyone. (A last minute trip to the shore meant I couldn't respond earlier.) Maybe when different states/ provinces had different laws it would be rated differently, as in it wouldn't be a yes but it wouldn't be a no? More like a sometimes? Maybe you could designate the importance of the question as compared to other questions as well so if it was a somewhat important attribute but not mandatory, the responses would include places where it wasn't applicable in all states/provinces? I guess I'll have to learn whatever it is that one learns in order to make a quiz like what I have in mind.
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