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InDesign: Let's say you have a multiple photos associated with a multiple paragraphs on many pages. I want to insert another photo & paragraph in the middle.

Text can automatically flow through text frames and pages, but how to flow the photo w/ the graph? I have 200 photos/graphs that must flow, in order to insert late arriving data for this publication. Don't worry about headers, footers, etc.
This is easy, right?
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Response by poster: 'a multiple' ...oops sorry
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Have you tried simply placing the text frame and image on the page? If I understand you correctly, I would expect InDesign to flow around the placed object. InDesign is really really good at that.

If you have tried this, and it didn't work, then could you describe what happened?
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You can paste objects (i.e. a frame with an image in it) into a text frame, and it will flow with the text. Is that what you want? Sometimes you have to fiddle with the margins and spacing to achieve the same results that you were getting with an independent image, but it's way better than moving 200 photographs every time the text changes. Is that what you're after?

p.s. make sure you're not locking your text to the baseline grid because this will royally mess it up unless your images are carefully sized to a multiple of it.
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