Foot Massage techniques using other feet (not hands)?
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My wife was introduced to a foot massage using one's feet (not hands). I'd like to know more. Is there a recognized technique or method that involves massaging feet *with other feet*?

My wife is a teacher and so is on her feet all day. One of her kids' parents gave her a quick foot massage by having my wife sit down on the floor and then gently stepping on her (unshod) feet (soles, instep, heel, etc.). Has anybody else ever seen this? It feels *really* good, and nobody has to get their hands stinky.

I would like to know more but googling anything about foot massage with other feet is not helpful. IIRC, the parent was from Afghanistan, I think.
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A yoga teacher (in NYC) did this to me once during a class while I was in child's pose. Blew my mind.
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I haven't seen it before but as someone in massage school - a massage tool is a massage tool in my opinion. With the client on the floor that's certainly an easy way for a therapist to get a lot of pressure on the target area with minimal effort.
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It could have been thai massage, also called thai yoga massage. Here's a video that demos thai massage, relevant section is 45 seconds in.
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I've seen it in some forms of Thai massage and Ashiatsu (shiatsu using the feet) - it's usually a smaller part of working on the legs, but I'm sure you could easily develop a full foot massage out of it.
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I practice Ayurvedic yoga massage. We have massages for the whole body (not just the feet) with our feet. One of the more spectacular ones is where you stand on the clients buttock and push the shoulder blades aside with your foot. You need good balance and precise control. It is kind on the massage therapist's body, too.
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