LA to Hawai'i. Vroom, Vroom, Splash.
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Have you ever shipped a car to Hawaii? From Long Beach. Boating advice requested.

We need to ship a small car from Long Beach to Honolulu. Have you done this? Can you recommend an ocean-going shipping company that you have used? Any tips or warnings?
posted by SLC Mom to Travel & Transportation around Hawaii (7 answers total) 3 users marked this as a favorite they are reliable. I would guess it would run you about $1000 to ship from California to Hawaii. Warning: dont get your car detailed before you ship it. Make sure it is dry insde, because wet carpets or seats will grow moldy while in transit.
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I can't remember the auto transport company that my mom used to ship her car to HI from California, but as for tips/warnings, be sure to do a full inspection of the vehicle with photographs prior to shipping and before taking delivery of vehicle in HI. My mother's vehicle sustained a deep scratch somewhere along the way and the repair was only paid for because of her diligence regarding documenting physical damage or the lack thereof.
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I used Matson shipping line from Oahu to Los Angeles. They leave out of Long Beach.
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+1 for Matson, although my personal experience was from Seattle to Honolulu. No matter who you use, you will probably be asked to empty the vehicle (ie, no using it as a container to ship personal goods in), and to have a gas tank @ a certain not-full level.
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Dammit, I_Zimbra. I kinda wish I hadn't posted this question on the way out the door to the detailer. But I've got a week or so, and will make sure it's dry before dropping it off.
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I would strongly recommend against shipping it- it's pretty easy to buy a car out here from someone who is leaving. Shipping is expensive but-yes Matson are the people to do it.
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Based on the request of the owner, we used Horizon Lines. $1075 port to port in an enclosed container. It shipped easily and on time, and arrived in perfect shape, with easy pickup at the other end. We did take pics before it left, and made sure it was nice and dry inside. Thank you all.
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