Falafel shaping tool
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Where can I buy an aleb falafel in London

Check this out -skip to 2.29 mins for product demo- to see what I mean. I plan to make my first recce on Edgeware Rd but any specific pointers to shops or online sources would be most appreciated
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Use an ice cream scoop, save yourself a little cash and headache trying to find one.
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Thanks but I am looking in particular for this tool rather than methods of shaping falafel. Besides the novelty value I am after a time-saving mechanism that will effectively create discs of the mixture with the characteristic dimple caused by the 'pusher' when the shaped patty is released.
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You might try calling Del Aziz, I've gotten all sorts of odd Turkish , Persian, and Greek items there.
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Do you have to buy it in a shop, or could you order it online?

Amazon has this two-headed badboy.

This is similar to the one seen in the video (although not identical). Also available in extra large.
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Seconding Amazon: UK link for what you're looking for or here for another company.
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The actual tool used in the video exists (in Bulgaria). The website is incredibly un-encouraging. I would be really happy if someone answered with the name of a shop where I could go and look at the thing physically. Thanks muffinman and thinman, good back-up option...
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I'd go down Edqware Road and just ask in some place where they get theirs. Offer to buy one off them, you never know.
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Last year, some shops there were selling a package of two boxes of Ziyad mix, bundled with an aleb falafel. There may be some of the packs still around, or other brands doing a similar promotion.
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Sorry, brain fart, not Ziyad - it was the Durra mix. But I'd just go look in the shops. The tools are very inexpensive if you find them on their own. I think it was a shop closer to Kilburn station (probably Food World) rather than right at the bottom of Edgware road, though.
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Third shop I went to had it. £2.39 for 2 boxes "Premium Mix" and a shaper (was so thrilled with my purchase that I didn't stop back to check the name of the shop but it was just after the Marylebone flyover heading towards Kilburn). I have to say, this is the most excited I've ever been about a piece of kitchenware and I have been working in kitchens for 8 years.

For anyone reading this as a search result: it's flimsy and very likely to rust/break but cheap enough to buy another when it does. I'd definitely go for this over the more robust-looking versions on Amazon unless you're planning to set up a food stall or similar and can see it being used intensively.
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NB: no dimple
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