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[16mm filmstrip projectorfilter]: Anyone know where I can find an .mp3 or .wav or .avi of the ding for the slide advance of a 16mm filmstrip projector from the 1970s?

Here's a shot in the dark... Remember the 1970s and 1980s before VHS, when the teacher would get a slide set and reel from the bookmobile, dim the lights in the classroom and you would watch a filmstrip? I would really like to find (ideally) an isolated sample of the audible ding, as well as the sound of the 16mm projector. A bonus would be a small bit of the audo crackle of the voiceover so I can attempt to recreate the effect properly.
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The Talented Mr. [Brian] Dewan recreated filmstrips in his stage show (and DVD) FOCUS. There are dings aplenty there, and you might even ask Brian about his filmstrip technique.
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Aside from in my head? See if you cannot lay hands on Strangers with Candy DVDs; I recall filmstrips being used in at least one episode. I don't have audio now, but this might be it.
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Here's a likely projector clip from Freesound.
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There weren't any real standards for audible tones. If you're feeling kind to your audience, you can use a middle F above C played on a marimba or a tuning fork. If you're feeling not quite so kind, use a 350Hz sine wave. Less kind would be a 350Hz square wave. There's an applet here that will let you do that.

Note that a filmstrip projector made no sound other than the cooling fan.
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Best answer: The wonderful A/V Geeks guy has filmstrips (and filmstrip projectors) in his collection. He also has a stock footage company on the side. Seems like a potentially helpful guy.

(Just to check, you want the sound of a filmstrip projector, not just a regular classroom 16mm film projector, right?)
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Best answer: Yeah, filmstrip projectors didn't have the constant sprocket noise of a regular film projector, just the cooling fan. The ones at our schools (automatic advance, cassette tape) did make a very pleasant mechanical sound when advancing frames, though. Not as nice and chunky sounding as a slide projector, but still distinctive.

As for the audio, most audio editing programs will allow you to add some effects. I'd go with a sort of AM Radio preset for starters, and then add just a bit of LP crackle or random tape distortion, depending on the particular sound you're going for.
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I seem to recall a tone around G just below A440 ... on a wooden xylophone.

See if you can find an open source sample of that.
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Response by poster: So thusfar I think I've found something close - thanks to some great suggestions on search terms and sights to look through.

The ding
Film Strip Projector.
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