Good bluetooth speakers
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I am trying to find portable bluetooth speakers to play nice with both my two HP laptops and an Ipad 2.

Cnet's review of speakers is three years old, and I haven't found any decent relevant discussions online about bluetooth-enabled speakers.
Hell, it doesn't even have to be bluetooth, it just has to be compatible with both the PCs and the Ipad. And work reliably. And not cost an arm and a leg. Does such a beast exist? Thanks in advance
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Very happy with my Creative Inspire S2s, but while small they're not portable as such as they require mains power. Creative does sell a battery-powered version.
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I use a bluetooth audio receivers that just plugs into my stereo and to my bedside alarm clock. They're reliable enough and cheap. Kinda like this and this.
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I've been happy with these outdated bluetooth speakers. I'm far from an audiophile, and I usually use them for background music while gaming so they sound perfectly acceptable to me. FWIW, the biggest complaint I read about them while researching was they have a low hum noise, which I've never heard.
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