I'm pretty sure booze is out.
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What should I include in a gluten-free pregnancy care package?

My awesome friend is expecting her first child, and I would like to send her a pregnancy care package. What treats did you want when you were pregnant?

I'd love suggestions for homemade treats, as I am perpetually broke. If you have recommendations for any cheap/mid-range store bought items, please recommend those too!

My friend is gluten-free, and hates ginger. I'd like to send her some snacks and non-food items as well.

Thanks for your suggestions!
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Bob's Red Mill has a whole gluten free product line. They also have recipes on their site.
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Hi, I'm almost six months pregnant. I've really been trying to avoid sugar and carbs a) for purposes of avoiding gestational diabetes and b) because they don't fill me up for long. So, while sweet carby baked treats are be all accounts lovely and delicious, they're not really the best in my case, and in the case of many pregnant women. My favorite care package food item right now would probably be pork chops. High quality beef jerky, cheese sticks, and gallons upon gallons of skim milk would be great too. The food question might be one where you need to consult with your friend to see what her preferences are. In general I'd look for stuff that's not too sweet and that has good protein content.

As for non food items, I could go for massagey things, like maybe this foot massage thingie or nice hot/cold packs. Some ladies might be into massage lotions and oils but I personally don't like feeling greasy, and lots of pregnant women are extra sensitive to perfumey scents, so don't get her anything too rank.

Other things: swim pass, massage gift certificate, slippers, body pillow
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I've never been pregnant, but I am gluten-free and love treats (you can get my address to send me some, if you like :) ). Are you sending a package it the mail? If so, that may negate sending anything you make because gluten-free homemade stuff tends to have a very (very) short shelf life. Like a day.

Some thoughts:
--Pamela's cookies (all of them are so good!)
--homemade salt scrub (some oil [avocado, grapeseed, coconut, almond, etc. plus some kosher salt and some fragrance)
--chocolate bars (find a list here)
--Chex mix (you could make this and Chex is gluten-free[not the wheat kind, though]) or Puppy Chow (Chex with chocolate and peanut butter)
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For treats, see if your local library has a copy of the Babycakes cookbook. Not all of the recipes are gluten free, but a lot of them are and what I've had has been tasty.
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Herbal teas - if ginger is out, mint is a good bet.

And this oil is a little pricy but absolutely worked in avoiding stretch marks for me.
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My mom has celiac disease and her "special treat" snack is Glutino crackers. They are like Ritz crackers, whereas most gluten-free crackers are extra-thin and crispy. They are little more expensive than most gluten-free crackers, but they are more delicious. Also, Udi's makes the best gluten-free breads.
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Post has just come out with Cocoa Pebbles bars that are gluten free and pretty darn good. I can eat a box all by myself! They're only 90 calories, so they aren't totally bad for you.

When I was pregnant I was continuously nauseated. I adored Preggie Pops for nausea, but any sour hard candy will work in a pinch. Maybe you could get a whole package of sour apple Jolly Ranchers or a box of lemon candies.
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Be careful of Bob's Red Mill oats or hot cereal, as some gluten-free people also have trouble with oats, even if they're the GF kind. (Not particular to Bob's, just to be clear).

I second the recommendation of Udi's breads (including grain bread & buns now). It's the only brand my GF household will eat. If you're in the US, Trader Joe's has tons of good, well priced GF foods & snacky things.

Chocolate truffles are super easy to make, and most chocolate is GF.

One of my friends just wanted iTunes gift certs so she could watch movies, etc. during the later stages of pregnancy and into the first weeks.

As for herbal teas & bath products you've got to know if she'd be down with that. Some herbs are not great to take when pregnant, so she might be just avoiding herbal tea in general.
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