Where can I find some people to jam with in Southampton UK.
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Where can I find some people to jam with in Southampton UK.

I adore playing acoustic guitar (jazzy, 'indie' and folky), write a lot of songs, and have been told I can sing pretty well. But with a full time job, an hour of comuting each way and living in a city with not many of my musical friends (most of my weekends are therefore taken up travelling to where my friends live) I am not left with a lot of time to seek out these kind of things, and being a naturaly lazy kind of guy (I know, it sucks) - I cant drag myself off to any kind of "open mic night" thing.

What I want , is some cool people who play instruments or sing in the Southampton UK area to chillout, hang around and jam into the skies with.

I have heard of some kind of online music collaboration places as well - but have no idea what the deal is or what to do.

Now remember that I don't want to join a dedicated full time Practice-4-times-a-week-hopefully-a-talent-scout-will-see-our-potential-soon band or anything like that. You know: those kind of "LOOKING FOR A FEMALE VOCALIST FOR 4 PART FUNK BAND" are awesome, but I am not interested in it becoming a Task (if you follow) If we end up recording a song - super. But I just want the fun of doing it with some likeminded genuine people - young or old.

What do I do?
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Maybe try getting in touch with the Uni and asking if you could email them a poster to put up in the students union? Slight the wrong time of year unfortunately, you might catch some students now though.
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Perhaps try going regularly to open mic nights and meeting people through there? I don't know Southampton very well, but perhaps the Hobbit has a good one, always seemed pretty down to earth venue. The Railway in Winchester has Roots night every Monday night (or at least used to) and always had a crowd of friendly regulars.
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Seconding check out the university. Apart from the student's union, you could go to the music department (administration is in building 2). Look at stuff advertised on the pin board downstairs in building 2, or leave your own ad there.
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Yeah, I'd say try The Hobbit as well.
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