Unplug the VHF/UHF/AV Video Cable
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How Do You Unplug the VHF/UHF/AV Video Cable?

I hate to waste my question on a problem like this, and I'm feeling mighty clumsy and stupid, but I can't get the friggin' cable off my TV's jack.

I had a bit of an incident yesterday messing around with my TV and cables. The cable connecting the basic antenna and the TV went broken, and now stuck in the rear jack. There might be some special tricks getting the cable unplugged, I tried twisting and pressing and pulling (and googling), nothing worked. :(


Thank you.
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Pictures would help, but if it's a standard cable TV coaxial cable, they usually unscrew. Maybe use a pliers on it, it might have gotten overtightened.
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Can you get a picture of what the cable looks like stuck in the TV? If's it is a RCA Cable, commonly yellow for the video, red and white for the audio, it just pulls in and out. On old TVs it can corrode and cause it to stick. If it's a coaxial cable, such as that you would have connected to cable service, turn the little nut to the left. If it's neither of those, pictures.

A light touch of WD-40 shouldn't* hurt anything.

* - Disclaimer: I don't know for 100% sure, just 99%. Don't blame me.
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Is it a BNC connector? Those are often found in antenna applications and can be undone by pressing the collar in before rotating.
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Nope, not a RCA composite, just a regular TV coaxial, I think. It looks somewhat like this, from what I remembered, yesterday. I'll try to get a picture uploaded as soon as I get an extra hand to help me to remove/hold the TV, I don't want to have another accident again.
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it's supposed to unscrew. It may have become cross-threaded and somewhat stuck, but you need to unscrew it.
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You genius, guys, I got it!!!! Thanks so much!!!!
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