Where is the best place to buy a Macbook battery?
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I need to buy a new battery for a 2006 white Macbook, and I am afraid of buying a knock-off that will explode, burn down my house, and kill me and my family. Where is a good, reputable, place to buy a new battery?

Thanks for your help!
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The Apple Store? Barring that, iFixit.
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Nthing the Apple store - they still carry them in black or white for $129.
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My workplace uses Other World Computing for most of our Mac accessories and upgrades and we've never had a problem with any of our purchases. They sell a battery compatible with your model MacBook for $99.
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Seconding Otherworld Computing. They've been around forever and I've gotten an iPod battery from them (not the same, obviously, but it's a data point.)
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My Dad swears by MacMall. And their battery prices look good.
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Had the exact same need about 2 weeks ago. Bought from BetaMacs on Amazon. $99 for a new Apple-made battery in non-retail packaging. Arrived in about 3 days.
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I paid $100 for a new battery for my 2006 Macbook on Amazon (model MA561LL/A). It looks a little pricy right now, but mine's still going strong 18 months and 374 charges later at 96% health. The price doesn't seem to have wavered much either (according to this history, so barring that I'd go with popculture's suggestion for OWC (I have also purchased there successfully many times).
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