What do you call someone who configures software?
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What do you call someone who configures software?

I am in a planning phase of a software/web project and am trying to enumerate the roles of staff/volunteers.

The project is using the CMS Drupal. What would be a good name for somebody who configures the CMS but does not do any development or code writing, or even any complex information architechture? Basically adding fields to webforms/content types, adding configuring blocks, adding/editing views?

Itss more than a content administrator, as they aren't just plugging in and managing content, they are also changing the way the site works/displays.

I stumbled across the word configurator, and got really excited until i found out it has a very specific meaning in ecommerce that is somethign completely different then i want.

Configurer just doesn't sound good.Anybody have any good ideas? Would prefer if it wasn't drupal specific. Thanks.
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"Application admin" is what we call them around here.
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Before anyone else chimes in, "Configuration Management" and CM Engineer also have specific meanings that would not apply to this job.

That said, what about "IT Support Staff"? It's kind of a catch-all term which would apply.
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Heh. Back in the day when I did this kind of work, my job title was "Project Manager."
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Seconding what Loto said about CM Engineer and "Configuration Management". Totally different role. Totally different connotations in software engineering.

I have worked with such a team of folks as you described and their title was "Integration Engineer", which I was never in love with. "Application Administrator" is a good description, I think. The term "Administrator" has specific connotations which fits here.
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"Person who hangs around Programmers"

Sorry bad drummer joke. We call them configurators.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, keep them coming, think Application Administrator is the best so far, but man i really do want to call them configurators, i just like the way that word sounds, damn ecommerce people and their gentrification of the internet

friend just suggested GUI Technician or GUI Tech for short, sounds like some hard core techno style from silicon valley or something.
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CMS Analyst? It's a bit like the description of a Business Analyst. The person does have to analyze the CMS to make accurate choices. Project Assistant. CMS Specialist.
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systems analyst?
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In the Drupal ecosystem, it goes:
site builders
what you want (cite)
someone who writes code, usually php and sql and maybe jquery, and sticks them into modules to make the site do more than Drupal and its hundreds of modules can do out of the box
someone who is fluent in html, css, jquery with a sense of design to make it all look nice

You can have project managers, DBAs and a whole lot of other people depending on the scope and scale of your project. I'm not sure why you don't want to use a Drupal specific term for a Drupal specific job, but the phrase could be used elsewhere too.
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I'd call them a Systems Integrator.
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I have performed similar functions under the title of Content Strategist; see also Solutions Architect.
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Personally I would just call them a developer. To me developers are people who are responsible for engineering a computer system will work. A particular developer might have a background in user interface design, programming, system configuration etc.
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In Drupal specifically, site builder is definitely the common term; you wouldn't necessarily use it in a job description, but it's a handy term while you're trying to sketch out roles.
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I do this as part of my job from time to time. I am a Systems Analyst. The other folks in my organization who I know have done it are Solution Delivery analysts and database admins and analysts.
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I'd lean towards System Administrator if they have any responsibility for the hardware and Application Administrator if they don't.

Or you can search Monster for Drupal and see what similar roles use for titles. This is the first one I saw that wasn't "Drupal developer".
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Systems Integrator.
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Ah, Happy Dave beat me to it. It appears to fit better than Sysadmin, from what you're describing.
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