Short-term 3g internet access in Seattle?
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I'm visiting Seattle for 1 week. Is there a plan/service/product/company/etc that will allow me 3g internet access via my unlocked, jailbroken iPhone 3g for not a lot of money?

While travelling in a few weeks, I don't want to give up my beloved habit of casual internet use via my iPhone, but I also don't want to pay my Canadian wireless provider $60 for 75MB of roaming data access.

I can take my disused unlocked, jailbroken iPhone 3g with me and use it to access a 3g network if there's a viable way to get a SIM card and some sort of temporary, no-contract plan.

I know that the landscape of the cellular marketplace is an ever-changing one in the US, so I'm just hoping for some up-to-date perspective and advice.

Thanks in advance!
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You will need AT&T because T-Mobile, while a GSM carrier, uses different frequencies than North American iPhones and you will only be able to get EDGE speeds on T-Mo. It does look like you can get no-contract iPhone-compatible data plans on AT&T.
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